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The science of palm reading tells the story of your life. This science has been divided into two parts. One is chirognomy and another is chiromancy. The chirognomy deals with shape, texture, nails, thumbs and fingers etc. But chiromancy deals with only lines on the palm. A successful palm reader can tell your nature and character, health, wealth, marriage, career, education, sickness, past life (karma), heritage, property, enemies and lifespan etc.

A palmer reader can tell you the negative and positive effects in your life.

The science of palm reading is originated in India before 3000 years. Gradually it got spread to the other countries by the help of Arabian traders. This science also became popular in many countries in the world. The famous palmist chiro learnt the science of palmistry in India and became world famous. Nowadays the Chinese people have been practicing the science of palm reading. Hand reading is gaining popularity all over the world day by day. Palmistry is very popular in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and almost entire Europe also.




  • I am so grateful and blessed to have sort the help of Subadra, I would recommend her over and over again. Give her a try if you need guidance. You will not look back. Brandon
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